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Tyree Thomas Jr is making some changes to his blogsite for which I will be done with soon.

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What Is Your Visual Purpose For Living?

We have to stop holding ourselves back….
We have to look deep inside ourselves and realize the KEY is within OURSELVES….
We can ALL BREAKTHROUGH our barriers….

How To Reach Your Christian Definite Chief Aim Pt1

I am using Biblical Success Principles to teach my daughter Tyraa R. Thomas how to reach your Definite Chief Aim as a Christian.

How To Master The Skill Of Directive Language And Conversational Postulates

Online Marketing is a learned skill that is best learned from marketers. Although I am a successful marketer, I wanted to provide viewpoints from other marketers.

Give Your Online Marketing Business Power With Facebook Tips & Email Messaging

It doesn’t matter if you’re posting on Facebook or using Emails there are other ways to expose your online marketing business like using videos, pictures (people, places, or things), images (emoticons), Infographics, etc…

How To Avoid Learning Hard Lessons In The Online Ministry World Of Internet Marketing Pt1

How to Market Online, Marketing, Online Ministry, How to get Leads Online, Da Blog Trucking Preacher, DT Accountability Crew

Through Blogging How To Create Sales Results Online Pt 1

The Daily Shortcut today discussed how to make the most of your blog by knowing your market. You must know who your customer is so that daily you can effectively give them value and thus create a relationship with them.

Online Ministry: DT Accountability Crew Vision Board Party

Creating a Vision Board puts the realness of your vision right in front of you.
The more you see your vision in front of you, the more you become inspired to continue creating the action that you were motivated to start doing so that you turn your dreams into your reality.

Online Ministry: My Mom, My Emotions, The Universal Laws Jan.1973

I had been getting into a lot of fights at school and although I hadn’t at all been expelled, I was going to be kicked out of the School District if I had gotten into anymore trouble.

Online Ministry: Ra’Monia Manick-Highsmith Helps Plan The DT Family Event

On this Tyree Live@3 I took the opportunity to speak with Mrs. Ra’Monia Manick-Highsmith about the upcoming event.