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Delier Porter 9.06.03 Make YourSelf FREE With TYREE Online Ministry 9.26.16

In this video I share about how Delier Porter has affected my life, God anointed her to be my little sister, I talk about that in the video about me and Delier Porter’s relationship, it’s a Life lesson that everyone should learn.

9.06.03 It Hurt! Online Minister Training 9.20.16 Make YourSelf FREE With TYREE

Today I’m using a story from Mark 5:6-13 to help relate to you about an experience from my life. I experienced physical hurt in my life, but the most painful hurt that I experienced was that my life itself was hurt. These Mastermind Universal Principles and Laws are Biblical…They helped me heal my life and become a more effective Preacher!

9.19.16 Make YourSelf FREE With TYREE 8.19.03-9.6.03 Going Home!

I know that a lot of Preachers are not receiving in an updated way, the type of teaching that is needed for them to understand how to help people live a better life than what they are living. People are hurting and they come to Church seeking help to fix a broken connection they are experiencing in their life.

Now, if the Man of God doesn’t know enough to be the Living guide (John 1:14) that helps people do what the Bible says can be done to have a better life then who can?

What is that Good 8.17.03? Make YourSelf FREE With TYREE 9.12.16

Make YourSelf FREE With TYREE 9.12.16 God is using me M-F Live@3 FB&YT to help you understand how He relates to you in this present day and time through His Word. When you get an understanding about that then you will have a better understanding of how God relates to you in your life and how you during your life time can better relate to God.

At this very moment what four letters would you use?

#90DaysOfGreatness FALL in view of Make YourSelf FREE With TYREE Live@3 FB&YT

How Can You Get RICH Through The Power of CHARACTER?

  How Can You Get RICH Through The Power of CHARACTER? Because if you look around you — the world Continue Reading

Center PURPOSE Resolved: To Discover My God-Given Purpose!

You can choose to discover the purpose of why you were born!
When you find your purpose you find the center of you!

What Happened to Me 8/11/2003 Pt3 Make YourSelf FREE With TYREE 8.15.16

Please understand that Universal Laws are different from the Laws of the Land. The Laws of the Land controls what happens on earth; Laws of the Universe governs (also known as controls) what happens in our Life while we are living here on earth.